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Take A Peak Consignment



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  • Collection = ACCESSORIES

Item Number: 2504-306

Item ID: 61997

Category: LLADRO

If interested in this product... please call our store or email us to have this item placed on hold.

Instructions to hold item.

Ensure a Smooth Local Pickup Experience: Learn How to Properly Call the Store and Request Item Reservation.

Step 1: Condition - Inspect Your Items

We only accept consignments for items that are in great condition, so please no:
Torn or Faded Fabric
Odors or Stains
Missing or Broken Pieces
Damaged Finishes
Major Dents or Gouges
Dining table with chairs

Step 2: Email or Text us Photos

Email us at
Text us at 
(719) 888-0007

Please be sure to include your name and phone number so we can contact you!
Bedroom, mattress decorated

Step 3: We will contact you to bring in the items for consignment

Our experienced staff will review the images sent and the necessity of items you want to consign. then they will contact you to bring the approved items to the store.
Delivery truck

Step 4: Pickup and Delivery

If you require assistance, pick-up and delivery services are available through third-party vendors for a fee. Take a Peak works with local vendors and will gladly assist in coordinating any pick-up or delivery. Take a Peak will make any purchased items readily accessible on its dock. Customers are responsible for loading and securing purchased items in their vehicles. If you are picking up or delivering items, please bring help and any necessary packing blankets or straps.
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Our Terms

  • The contract is a 60-day agreement.
  • Every 15 days an item goes unsold, the price drops 10%.
  • We are a 50/50 split on the sale price and a 60 day contract. When your item sells, you pick up a check the first Saturday of the following month.
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